This SMART Certificate program will polish your entrepreneurship skills and will provide you the tools to be a successful business owner. Learn about what it takes to be an entrepreneur and boost your mindset with the right skillset.  

SMART Certificate Small Business & Entrepreneurship Development
Learn To Be a Business Owner in 5 weeks

What will you learn?
Modules - 
• The role of small business in an economy.
• Learning & developing entrepreneurship skills.
• Feasibility Analysis & Legal aspects of small business.
• Identify your target market & market segmentation.
• Sources of financing of your small business.
• Developing & executing a business plan. 

Key features of our program

Self-paced learning

Self-paced learning gives students time delve more deeply into course areas that capture their interest.


Suitable for working professionals looking to update and upgrade as well as fresh incumbents looking to kick-start long and fruitful innings in the hotel industry.

You will walk away with


A skill set that the entrepreneurship industry appreciates

Be your own boss and be the owner of your business


A positive mind set 

Boost your confidence with knowledge and be the one that industry is looking for. 


The values of true entrepreneurship that will make your dream come true

The journey of an entrepreneur is full of challenges but with lots of rewards. Achieve your goals & dreams by taking that much needed step called Courage!

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